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2017 - $20 - 1 oz. Pure Silver – Under the Sea - Sea Horse

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Sea Horse
Ocean and land are eternally intertwined, yet much of the sea remains a world of unknown wonders. This underwater paradise is teeming with life and colour, home to mystifying residents that captivate us with their otherworldly beauty and behaviour. Only those who brave the depths can hope to uncover the secrets of the sea. This enchanting new series showcases three ocean residents we've already come to know and love, beautifully portrayed as a stunning murrini element encased in borosilicate glass.

To create each coin's handmade murrini element, the artist first layers various rods of coloured borosilicate glass in a tube. All the air is then drawn from the tube using a vacuum pump, while melting the glass assembly. This produces a single fine cane that, once sliced, reveals the image on each cross-section of the glass. A fine layer of the murrini cane is applied onto the glass, with more colour swept across the back before being embedded on the coin.

No. 156874
Mintage 7,500
Composition 99.99% pure silver
Finish proof
Weight (g) 31.39
Diameter (mm) 38
Edge serrated
Certificate serialized
Face value 20 dollars
Artist Maurice Gervais (reverse), Loïc Beaumont-Tremblay (glass embellishment), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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