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Free shipping with purchases of $ 500 or more
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Our knowledgeable and courteous staff are here to appraise your valuables and offer you Top Dollar for your items. Please call us at 1-819-791-7077, email us at [email protected] and send your valuables collection and coins by mail.

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Selling your Old, Broken, Unwanted Gold Jewellery?
Simply send by mail your Gold jewellery and we will assess your jewellery based on the Purity (Karat) and Pay you Top Dollar on the Spot if you decide to sell.
Quick Tips for an Easy transaction:
  • Remove all costume Jewellery as we cannot offer anything for these items. (If you are not sure bring it along and we will test it for you)
  • Almost all Jewellery will be stamped with a Purity Stamp. (10K/14K/18K/22K and for international you will see a Numeric Stamp .416/.585/.750/.916)
  • We will deduct weight for Semi Precious stones. If there are larger stones sometimes to get an accurate gold weight we will ask to remove these.
  • Valid Photo ID is required and you must be 18 yrs of age.

Looking to sell a Coin and or Paper Money Collection?
Call us 1-819-791-7077, email us at [email protected] or send us by mail for a free evaluation. We have experienced appraisers with many years of experience. Send your items,collections and coins by mail and we will assess your collection.

** Don't live close by? No Problem. You can mail your items to us for a free apprasial. If you decide to sell the items we will send out payment in Canadian funds. Items not purchased will be returned at our expense.
Send your items to:

Monnaie Canada
930 , 13e Avenue Nord
Sherbrooke , Qc
J1E 3J7
Tel. : 819-791-7077
[email protected]
The DO'S and DONT'S: Over the years we find that many people attempt to do things that they feel will increase the value of their items. In most cases they are unknowingly damaging their valuables and in turn reducing the amount of money we can offer for their Valuables.
  •  Never attempt to clean your coins. Collectors appreciate natural looking coins.
  •  Never attempt to press your paper money.
  •  Do not wrap your coins or items in saran wrap as it will damage your coins over time.
  •  Do not keep your collection in basements where there can be moisture and humidity.
  •  Never rub or wipe surfaces of coins as it will leave minor surface scratches.
  •  If your coins are in plastic pages and starting to show signs of green (Plastic contamination) remove ASAP.
  •  Try to handle coins by their edges, especially red copper, and handle as little as possible.
  •  The internet is a great source of information, however to a novice collector it can be very misleading for determining values of your coins. Always refer to reference books and or a professional dealer.
  • Keep your coins and paper money protected in safe holders to prevent further wear and scratches.
  • Monitor your collectables at least 3 times a year to insure no contamination or moisture is affecting your items.
  • Keep your collection in a stable environment with as little temperature change and humidity as possible.
  • If there is a smoker in the house consider an air tight location to prevent smoke damage and unwanted odors on your items.

How To Prepare your collection to be evaluated:
To help speed up the appraisal time there is a few simple steps you can do to prepare your collection prior to send us by mail.
  • If your coins and paper money are in albums then just leave as is.
  • For Loose coins simply sort into the following groups. You can simple put each group into bags or containers.
  • Separate by Denominations: (1c/5c/10c/25c/50c/$1.00/$2.00)
  • For 1c and 5c Simply sort these by Monarch: (Victoria 1858-1901/Edward 1902-1910/Geroge 5th 1911-1936/ George 6th 1937-52/ Elizabeth 1953-date)
  • for 10c and 25c Simply sort by the following: (A)1966 and older, B)1967 Centennial, C)1968 Silver, D)1969-Date)
  • For 50c and $1.00 Simply sort by the following: (A)1967 and older, B)1968-Date)
  • For Canadian Paper Money simply organize by Issue Dates: (1.1935/ 2.1937/ 3.1954/ 4.1967/ 5.1970's/ 6.1980 Birds/ 7.Modern Journey series/ 8. Chartered and Dominion Notes)
  • Separate by Denomination (1c/5c/10c/25c/50c/$1.00/)
  • 1c and 5c Sort by design
  • 10c and 25c Sort by the following (1.1964 and older/ 2. 1965-date)
  • 50c sort by the following (1. 1964 and older/ 2. 1964-1970/ 3.1971-date)
  • $1.00 Sort by the following (1. 1935-Older/ 2. 1936-date)
  • All Gold coins keep separate.
  • We buy Gold and Silver coins only.

We would like to thank you for following these simple organizational steps, as it will greatly help for a smooth quick transaction. As always if you have any questions call or email us and we will gladly assist you.
We need your Canadian coins and banknotes in all grades and conditions.

Contact our office today to get a buy price !

Email: [email protected]

1 (819) 791-7077

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Coins & paper money

We buy coins and paper money as well as broken or unwanted gold jewellery.
  • What to do and what not to do.
  • How To Prepare your collection to be evaluated.
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