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2014 - 25 Cents 0.5 g Pure Gold Coin - Chipmunk

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Your beautiful 11 millimetre 25-cent coin is 99.99% pure gold
Take a walk in any forest in eastern Canada and you are likely to spot an eastern chipmunk scurrying about in search of food. Acorns and nuts are its favourites, and it can pack away a surprising amount using the expandable pouches in its cheeks.

If acorns and nuts aren't available, the chipmunk will gladly take its fill of seeds, plants, fruits, berries, mushrooms, snails, insects–even small snakes! And of course, there's the bounty of peanuts it receives from campers eager to engage with this frisky visitor scampering about the picnic table.

All this frantic gathering is not merely play: it's essential to the chipmunk's survival as it spends the winter sleeping in its underground burrow and eating from its food cache. It takes a lot of energy to be the smallest member of the squirrel family–the perfect subject for our smallest pure gold coin.

Mintage 10000
Composition 99.99% pure gold
Finish proof
Weight (g) 0.5
Diameter (mm)11
Edge serrated
Certificate serialized
Face value 25 cents
Artist Tony Bianco (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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