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2024 Upper Deck Golf Tin Box

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8 Cards per Pack

9 Packs per Tin

12 Tins per Case


• Upper Deck Golf features a 150-card Base Set consisting of the following four subsets: Vets/Legends, Season Highlights, Season Highlights - Debut Date & Young Guns®.

 Young Guns®! That's right, Young Guns® have made their way into golf! Collect, on average, at least two (2) of these iconic cards per box featuring many of the best young men's and women's players (not just tour rookies) in the sport today.

• In addition to Young Guns® cards, Upper Deck Golf also brings four popular hockey inserts to the sport, each featuring young up-and-comers, veteran stars and legends of the game:

 Orange Dazzlers: Golf collectors will love these dazzling, brightly colored and Tin-exclusive cards! Collect all 50!

 Honor Roll®: Also collect all 50 of these elegantly designed cards featuring top vets, legends and young stars on rainbow foilboard!

 UD Canvas®: This classic insert consists of 40 cards, 10 of which are Young Guns®! Collect at least one (1) per Tin, on average.

 UD Gallery: The golf version of the popular UD Portraits hockey insert. This 40-card set includes 10 SP cards featuring several of the biggest names in the product!

• Tin Exclusive! Collect, on average, one (1) Precision card per Tin! Each card in this set, which is only available in Tins, celebrates some of the best putters in the game. Keep an eye out for Gold parallels!

• Look for cards from these intriguing insert sets: National Heroes (top golfers from around the world pictured with their country's flag in the background), Defining Moments (each card highlights a defining moment in the career of the player), Tour Time (features an image from the early days of each golfer's career) and Generation Next (some of the best golfers under the age of 30).

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