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2021-22 Upper Deck Premier Hockey Hobby Box - COURRIEL OU APPEL POUR SAVOIR LE PRIX!!

# MC41580
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6 Premium Cards per Pack

1 Pack per Box

10 Boxes per Case



All rookie content includes players who qualified for rookie card status as of 1/5/22.




•    The 150-card base set consists of star veterans #'d to 299, legends #'d to 99 and top rookies #'d to 399.

o    Customers can collect up to seven parallels of the complete base set - which includes three hard-signed autograph parallels and two memorabilia parallels (Jersey, Premium/Patch) - as well as parallels of just the vets and rookies (Fight Strap, Neckline), and rookies only (Bronze, Purple)! The majority of the parallels are #'d to 65 or less.

•    2021-22 Premier features wide variety acetate cards, including the perennially-coveted Acetate RPA's and the all-new Star Systems set. All of the acetate cards are serially-#'d and hard-signed, and the veteran versions host game-worn patch swatches! Here is a rundown of the available acetate cards:

o    Acetate RPA: This coveted set consists of the top players in the 2021-22 rookie class. There are three versions of the set: regular (#'d to 249/99), Gold (#'d to 65/35) and Platinum (#'d 1-of-1).

o    Horizontal Acetate RPA: Since their debut in 2019-20, the horizontal versions, which feature only top-tier rookies, have been very popular. There are three versions of this set as well: regular (#'d to 99/49), Gold (#'d to 25/15), and Platinum (#'d 1-of-1).

o    2002-03 Rookie Patch Auto: This set features the best-of-the-best from the 2021-22 rookie class on the iconic 2002-03 Premier RPA design. There are regular versions #'d to 49/25, and Gold versions #'d to 5/1!

o    Acetate Veteran Patch Auto: For those looking for acetate patch auto cards featuring star and superstar veterans! This is a three-tiered set #'d to 35/25/15. There is also a Gold set #'d to 10/5/3.

o    NEW! Star Systems: With an eye-catching design and a checklist featuring top rookies and star veterans, this all-new insert set featuring patch swatches and/or hard-signed autographs will resonate with collectors and fans alike. The regular patch-auto set features rookies #'d to 149/75/25 while the star veteran versions are varied in #'ing. There is also a Gold patch-auto set, with the rookies #'d 25/10 and the vets again varied. The auto-only rookie and star vet versions are also varied in #'ing.

•    Premier is well-known for its multi-memorabilia and extra-large premium memorabilia cards and the 2021-22 edition is no exception. The multi-memorabilia offerings include the Premier Gear Jersey, Patch and Tag/Button sets, the Premier Dual, Triple and Quad Jersey sets, and the Premier Dual, Triple and Quad Patch sets - all of which are low-#'d and feature star veterans and top rookies. The extra-large premium memorabilia offering includes the low-#'d Premier Mega Patch (Chest Logo, Sleeve Number, Shoulder Logo and Commemorative Logo) sets featuring star veterans, and the all-new and low-#'d rookie equivalent: Rookie Patch-Taculars (Chest Logo, Shoulder Logo and Logo Button). And of course, there are sets that feature multiple extra-large premium memorabilia swatches - the star veteran Premier Mega Patch Duos, Trios and Quads, and the all-new Dual Rookie Patch-Taculars (Chest Logos, Shoulder Logos and Logo Buttons)!

•    NEW! The brand new Premier Signature Seating set and its Gold Section parallel #'d to just 5, features the hard-signed autographs of legends, star veterans and top rookies.

•    The popular Premier Rookie Auto Jersey, Patch and Logo Patch cards are back! Each Premier Rookie card sports a hard-signed autograph from a top rookie and four memorabilia die-cuts in the shape of “2021.”     

•    The 20th Aniversary Jersey and 20th Anniversery Auto sets feature rookies, stars and/or legends on the classic 2001-02 Premier Collection designs. There are Black and Gold parallels of each - with the parallels of the jersey cards sporting patch swatches - and all 20th Anniversary cards are serially-#'d.

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